Sunday, February 20, 2011

Caribbean Cruise 2011

the view of Miami from our hotel room

Michael at the American Airlines Arena where his favorite player, LeBron James plays for the Miami Heat

SUNDAY: We boarded the Liberty of the Seas

the view of Miami as we are leaving the port, from our balcony on the back of the ship

we had a lovely suite, this is Michael's room

and our living room

and our balcony on the very back of the ship

Michael on the top deck with Miami in the background

the jogging track on the top deck

the interior promenade of the ship

Rich and Michael started their cruise with a round of mini-golf:

MONDAY: at sea

the ocean is such a beautiful shade of navy/royal blue! I love it!

Michael and me on the top deck

it was really windy and kind of tricky to maintain balance

sunset on the ocean

TUESDAY: Jamaica, Mon! We hired a taxi in Ocho Rios to take us to see some of the sights. The phrase for this trip became: "Every t'ing's gonna be irie!" (everything is going to be alright - with a Jamaican accent)

a "fire breather" along the road

our ship from the hill in Jamaica

the city of Ocho Rios

our first stop was these falls; there had been a lot of rain so the were rushing with dirty water

our next stop was Dunn's River Falls which is a long waterfall over rocks that ends in the ocean, the adventure is to climb up the falls, which Michael and I did! this beach area is where we began the climb.

we started out dry, but soon were very wet!

looking back down from about half way up

at one point we had to go under this bridge

at one point Michael took a step into what he thought was waist-deep water and disappeared, fortunately he bounced back up quickly having never touched the bottom
, it was an exciting adventure and we were glad we did it!
It took over an hour to climb up the waterfall.

getting back on the ship at the end of our day in Jamaica

another beautiful sunset at sea

view from the portal in our room

we had a couple of "formal nights" for dinner this staircase reminded us of the one in Titantic

my handsome men

a windy picture

WEDNESDAY: Labadee, Haiti ~ a beachfront owned by the cruise company

Michael went on a wave runner for an hour and enjoyed the ocean

THURSDAY: at sea

FRIDAY: Bahamas, the Atlantis resort

Michael went down this water slide which is a straight drop and then goes into a tube with sharks swimming around you! Together we did the one that goes through the sharks on a tube and is a little more tame.

the beaches at Atlantis are gorgeous!

especially with this handsome hunk!

there is also a cool aquarium there

SATURDAY: we disembarked back in Miami and made our way home to the snow.

It was a great vacation and we were happy to spend some time with Michael. Another highlight for me was ice skating on the ship and watching the ice show.