Thursday, May 28, 2009

Star Trek

I just got home from the new Star Trek movie.

I hated it!

It was beyond disappointing. I have been a "trekkie" for most of my life. I had a serious crush on James T. Kirk back when I was in junior high and watched reruns after school. Then I really fell in love with the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I believe that Gene Roddenberry is "rolling over in his grave" ~ which is actually in space; that's where is ashes were "buried." His vision of the future was about discovery and learning and being better humans than we'd every been before.

They totally "star wars-ed" the movie. It was not Star Trek. Seriously - a bar with aliens?! And it was so incredibly violent that I watched much of it through my fingers. I was offended by the violence and by the complete turning away from the original purpose and feeling behind Star Trek.

So disappointing . . .

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Last Lecture

Tonight our book group reviewed "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. He was a professor who videotaped/wrote his last lecture for his children when he found out he was dying of cancer. It's a touching and thought-provoking book.

Our assignment was to not only read the book, but to come prepared to share our "last lecture." The maxims and principles we would want to share with our family.

As I thought about this over the past week. My mind was brought back to the Rife Family Rules. We forged these rules for our family over fifteen years ago and they have remained on our fridge all that time. During family home evening we used to make the kids recite them from memory.

Well, I decided that our family rules could be my last lecture.


1. Be kind and respectful to family members in voice and deed.

Since we're all God's children, it's always good to be kind and respectful to everyone.

Let parents know where you are when you're not at home. Saying hello, goodbye, and goodnight are appreciated as well.

I think teenagers believed that this rule, which involved curfews, was about a control trip for the parents, but I tried to teach them that is really about safety and about courtesy. It's always good to let the people you love know where you are and it's always good to greet each other courteously. I like how my children are teaching their children this concept by expecting them to greet me when they come and go.

Take care of your own things the the family things that you use.

Of course, when the kids were at home this one was about attempting to maintain order where eight people lived together, but on a deeper level, it's about stewardship and being grateful for the things we have by taking care of them.

Do your best in everything you do.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. We always taught our kids that it was their job to be good students, just like it was Mom's job to take care of the home and Dad's job to make a living for us.

Be an active and obedient member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Again, NOT a control issue. Just the best way we know to be happy in this life and the next.

So there you have it ~ my last lecture.

It's all good!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Build A Bear Workshop

Back in January when I was in NY for Abby's third birthday I took the Buchanan kids to the Build A Bear Workshop. I promised Ayden and Sophie I would take them when their Mom had her surgery. They did not forget! So while I was semi-functioning with ibuprofen on board Jenny and I took the kids to get their bears. It really was fun.

The bears: Kung Fu Panda and Teddy Bear needed a nap in Nana's bed

Today I'm Grateful For . . .

~ Doctors and the influenza test (think strep test but up your nose!) that showed that I don't have influenza A or B (just the regular old miserable flu) so the CDC isn't really interested in me.

~ Jenny and Trevor who have been SO helpful in taking care of Sophie and Ayden, which was to be my job while Mary had her surgery. They are cheerful and loving helpers.

~ A kind husband to took off work to take me to the Dr and brings me whatever my heart desires.

~ Sophie : "Nana, you're happy to me. " (I don't know exactly what that means, but you're happy to me also, Sophie)

~ Ayden: "Nana, I know I can't kiss you 'cause you're sick, but I can still kiss you on the cheek, right?"

~ Michael is a serious student and I don't have to prod or pressure him, he just does what he needs to. I love that!

~ Ibuprofen and tylenol! Every four hours when they wear off and every cell in my body hurts I'm so grateful for their existence!

~My dear friend, Heather, who brought me an orange julius and took Annie for a walk.

~ The recognition that I really love my healthy body and it only takes a few days of illness to be grateful for the good times!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Speaking of Ward Sisters . . .

Today was our Relief Society temple day and we had the most attendees we're ever had. It's lovely to do a session together and have lunch at the temple after. We had 10 sisters, two in wheelchairs. My sweet Jenny joined us.

Here's a picture of the oldest and youngest:

Jenny is 20 and Betsey is 90

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I just read the most lovely essay on ward sisterhood here. Enjoy!

It made me so grateful for the wonderful "gospel sisters" in my life.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts

Flowers to plant in my garden from Michael

My children husband did not forget me and I'm thankful for their thoughtful and useful gifts:

(This picture was taken with my iphone, not my new camera)

BBW lotion and wall flower from the Hammers
Sheri Dew book from Mom and Dad
Flowers in cute blue watering can from Brian
New blue small camera from Rich (Sony Cybershot 12.1 MegaPixels)
Beautifully scrapbooked "Lessons I've Learned from You" from Jenny (& Trevor)
Cute blue & white paper goods and office supplies from the Buchanans
Lovely card (created by Michelle) from Todd
Sweet card from Braden, my other son

I had a wonderful day!
Thank you to my dear family!
I love you!



"Subtle energy drains and time suckers, the things you tolerate on a daily basis. They are typically relatively minor inconveniences, like a blown light bulb you keep forgetting to change. However, the time and energy you spend in tolerating these things builds up, slowing draining you and limiting your effectiveness and overall happiness."

Today I got rid of a few tolerations in my life and it felt good:

I changed the light bulbs in my refrigerator (we've had a dark fridge for some months now; I actually did it on Friday)

I got my brakes checked and made an appointment to get new ones

I made a follow-up appointment for the bifocal contacts I got in February that I've not been completely happy with

I got new portable phones to replace the ones we had that were bugging everyone because they didn't work

I cleaned out my car from Annie and her dirty paws after our canal road walks, and put a towel in the back for her to lay on (did this on Friday, too)

I got a new watch battery here and got links taken out of my band (it's been bugging me for months that my watch was too loose)

I figured out how to get my cutco knives sharpened

I fixed my iphone and computer so that MobileMe actually syncs everything it's supposed to

I made a list of all my logins and passwords that I use on my computer (and usually forget when I need them) and changed some to make life easier

I got Annie groomed and she looks so pretty

She has little pink bows over both ears and looks so clean and fluffy!

What tolerations are you living with?

Now if I could just get iphoto organized and my scrapbooking caught up and lose 30 lbs . . . .

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My previous post was to my Mom, and as a tribute to my daughters who are mothers I'll send you to a post from my archives.

Mom and a Recipe

Unfortunately, my Mom tripped and fell on Monday night; thankfully nothing was broken. But she has been down this week, so I got to "be her" at the annual Seville Branch Mother's Day Luncheon on Friday. I made the salad my Mom was assigned to make and I helped to serve at the luncheon. One of the blessings was getting this yummy recipe:

Chicken and Pasta Fruit Salad

1 (10 oz ) pkg colorful spiral pasta
1 (20 oz) can pineapple chunks ~ drain and save juice

1 cup red seedless grapes

2 Granny Smith apples, cut in bite-size pieces and soaked in pineapple juice
1 bunch green onions, chopped
1 cup slivered almonds or chopped cashews

3-4 chicken breasts cooked and chopped OR 1 (14.4 oz) cans of chicken

1 bottle Kraft coleslaw dressing plus 1 cup mayonnaise
Mix all ingredients together and serve ~ delicious!

I'm sad for Mom and her sore knee and shoulder. I just want to say that I love her and she's a wonderful mother. Always loving and giving. She continues to set a good example for me. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!


A while ago Kim did a post ranking the months in order of preference. I didn't seriously think about my favorite months, but today I woke up and thought:

I like May!

It's sunny and warm ~ actually the perfect 70ish degrees. It's green and the bulb flowers are blooming. It's a happy month. It's a hopeful month full of the anticipation of summer, but without the heat. Working in the yard seems like a treat after the long winter, not the chore it will become. The school year is winding down which feels good to both students and their mothers alike.

Hurray for May!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


No, I don't have a thing for polo shirts, put when I walked past this display in Target I just felt happy at all the colors and in rainbow order no less. It's the little things.


Saturday Jenny and I went to the "Beehive Bazaar" in Provo where I got this great idea for earring storage. I've had my earrings in drawers of a jewelry box and it was way too hard to find matching pairs. This empty frame with wired stretched across to hang the earrings works great!

My post earrings are still in the jewelry box, but much easier to locate without all these in there as well.

Note: I made most of these earrings. When I first started making beading a few years ago I only knew how to make stretchy bracelets, but then I learned how to make earrings and now I go a little crazy with them as well. I don't really need/wear this many, but it's a creative outlet so I just keep making them, I can't stop myself!


Check out this handsome young man in his prom finery:

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Last night Rich and I attended the Timpanogos Dance Theater concert at THS. Our neice, Alysha was performing, as was Michael's girlfriend, Taryn. I have just one word:


Rich and I were both impressed with the amazing performances of the dancers. We've been to a few dance concerts in our time. (Love you, Mary!)
The dancers were very good and the costumes and music were appropriate and wholesome and it was just a delight to watch.

In fact, I was near tears for much of the evening. Dance just touches my heart. I realized that I've missed watching beautiful dancers expressing themselves with their bodies; I haven't seen much since Mary traded in her dance shoes for motherhood. (a choice I'm very proud of, and she still teaches dance and choreographs. And BTW I'm in need of a "Mary's dance videos party!")

Sometimes I feel like Pam in "Saturday's Warrior." In the scenes in the pre-mortal life she's dancing and says: "I don't worry about what earth life will bring, as long as I can dance!" Then in the next scene, earth life, Pam is in a wheelchair. My heart dances even though my body doesn't.

Which got me thinking about regrets. I do wish that I had danced, and I often wish I were a runner. I guess truthfully the only things stopping me from running are 40 lbs and me. (I recognize that it's pretty creepy when older women dance, so I'm not planning on going there) So I'm announcing here and now that I'm going to start the "Couch to 5 K" program and run in the Freedom Festival 5 k on July 4th. (I kind of walked/jogged it last year with no training and the pathetic time of 45 minutes.)

Which also got me thinking about all the wonderful things I'm grateful that I have done with my body:

Giving birth to six children
Climbing to the top of Timpanogos twice
Taking care of my family and home and yard
Swimming with dolphins and reef sharks and stingrays
Hiking to Lone Pine all nine years I've been to Camp Shalom
Cross-country skiing

Indeed, it is all good