Friday, August 27, 2010

My Gkiddies on Photobooth

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Andrew's Kangaroo Birthday Party

Since so many of Andrew's cousins live in Utah, Laura decided to have a 'Pre-birthday" party for Andrew while they were here. Andrew loves kangaroos, so it seemed appropriate to have a party at Kangaroo Zoo. Then they came to our house for dinner and cupcakes. Laura is an amazing party planner and it was such fun.

Andrew "high-fiving" the Kangaroo at Kangaroo Zoo

All the cousins had fun playing outside on the trampoline. Towards the end of the evening Andrew took off all his clothes - we don't know why - I guess he just wanted to celebrate in his "birthday suit!"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School is starting tomorrow

and for the first time in 26 years I do not have a child going to school!

But I do have six grandchildren in my home.

And we're having a Kangaroo Birthday party for Andrew tomorrow!

It's all good!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Julie and me

the cover of Julie's latest CD

Tonight Rich and I went to the Julie de Azevedo free concert in front of the Deseret Book at University Mall. I have been a long-time fan of Julie's music. In fact, I recently wrote a blog post about her. The concert was wonderful; I loved seeing Julie perform her songs, songs that I am so familiar with and know every word of. After the concert they said that she would be signing CDs in the store and Rich encouraged me to go in and talk to her and buy a CD, even though I already have all of her CDs - but not a signed one! I was the first person in line and I was so excited to talk to her. I told her:

~ that I told my husband the name of each song before she performed it
~ that I wrote a blog post in response to one of her posts - and she remembered reading it!
~ that I gave the words of "Masterpiece" on a laminated card to all our missionaries as my first act on our mission
~ that her music touches my soul and is so meaningful to me

She was genuinely happy for my comments and even took a picture of us together - which she will post and then I can add it to my blog!

It was such a thrill to meet and connect with someone whose music I have loved for so many years. Thanks, Julie!

Julie signed her CD for me!

Rich wrote his own post on this evening here.
Note: Michael has my camera in Cancun, so I just have iphone pics

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Truck and Ward Campout

Rich has been wanting a pickup truck just to have as an extra car so we recently bought this cute little number:

Friday night was the first annual Heatheridge 9th Ward Family Campout. The only member of my family I could get to go with me was Annie! (Rich was coming home from Brazil and Michael was on his way to Mexico, and the Buchanans are on their trip to Oregon) So I packed up the red truck and Annie and I headed to Blackhawk campground in Payson canyon. We had a lovely time. We sat around the campfire and had s'mores. We stargazed with the Atkin's telescope. Annie and I slept in the back of the truck under the stars. There was a meteor shower that night so every time I woke up and rolled over I'd look at the sky and see some falling stars. It was awesome! When I headed home I saw the sign that said it was 14 miles to either Payson or Nephi so I decided to complete the Mount Nebo Scenic Loop. It was a beautiful ride. I was truly happy in my red truck, with my dog, the windows down, music playing on the CD and beautiful vistas out the window!

View outlook of Utah Lake with Timpanogos in the background

Utah Lake view with Annie sniffing a rock

Mount Nebo

Note: these pictures were taken with my iphone, and the red cliphanger was in the viewfinder ~ darn!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome Home, Elder Brent

It was a joy on August 5th to welcome home my nephew, Brent Parsons, from his mission to Brazil.

Cousins don't shake hands, cousins gotta hug!