Monday, October 31, 2011

New Ipad 2

Because of my weak hands Rich bought me a new ipad 2 because it is lighter and easier to use. I love it! It's great because I have apps that will allow me to write notes or type something and have it spoken, which is helpful for me now that I can't talk so well.

I saw this on Stacy Julian's blog and Jenny helped me to make my new ipad cover look like this:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Disney Cruise

When I was diagnosed with ALS the nurse at the ALS clinic suggested that if we wanted to do any traveling we should do it sooner rather than later. Rich wondered if I wanted to go to the Holy Land, a dream of his, but not mine. He suggested Rome, which has been a dream of mine. But then he suggested that we take the whole family on a Disney cruise and that felt perfect. I was thinking that we would take everyone on a Disney cruise for our fortieth anniversary, so we just did it 5 years early.

It was a great vacation making memories together. And now comes the picture overload:

Andrew in the port hole

Look at those blues! I love it!

Our Disney cruise ship from the tender

the children playing in the ocean with the cruise ship in the background

We ate at a little restaurant in Cabo San Lucas called "the office," it was covered with umbrellas and we had our feet in the sand at the same time.

Connor's food in a ship box

Sophie's food

The food was so yummy under the blue umbrellas!

I love this picture of Abby and Papa holding hands!

Cabo San Lucas and look at those clouds!

We ate guacamole from the avocados in this tree, in the rainforest of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Dance party on the ship with the Hammers!

Our formal night

The gkiddies with Daffy Duck

Sophie with Snow White

Silly Abby and Andrew, with Jenny taking a shot in the background

Andrew in a Peter Pan napkin hat

The character breakfast with Pluto

Mickey with Laura and Nanajan

Mickey with the Founder of our Cruise

Mickey with G &G

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two More Favorite Things

I thought of two more favorite things:
The Disney Princesses ~ I get emotional every time I see the Disney Princesses. I know that they are trained to be this way, but I love the way the focus on the little girl in front of them. They hug the little girl and make eye contact and get down on their level. I imagine that this is what Christ would do with children. I'm thankful to see such a great example of Christ-like behavior.

New Clothes ~ I love new clothes. I don't need any more clothes, but I love buying new clothes. I consider this a weakness, but I have to admit that it is one of my favorite things. Which is why my closets look like this:

the closet in our bedroom, shirts and pants

dresses in the staroom

skirts in the exercise room

I have a thing for purses as well

Yes, I color coordinate my closet, preferably in rainbow order and have all the same white plastic hangers. Another OCD of mine.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rich speaks at USU Institute

the poster that was hanging at the institute

our reserved parking spot

On Friday, October 14th Rich spoke at the USU Institute. He gave an excellent talk on kindness.
I was supposed to introduce Rich, but since I'm not speaking so well these days, Jenny came along and read what I wrote. As a bonus, we got to have lunch with Tom and Mary Cherrington. They grew up with Rich in Springville. We reconnected with them when we were on our mission in Korea and they were presiding over a mission in Japan. It was great to visit with them over lunch.
I've included Rich's talk for you to read:
USU Talk I Have Never Regretted Being Too Kindv8.docUSU Talk I Have Never Regretted Being Too Kindv8.doc
66K View Download

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Favorite Things

Rich suggested that I make a list of my favorite things. So here goes ~ in no particular order

I took this picture from the boat on our Tahiti Cruise

Clouds ~ I just love clouds of all kinds. Of course, it doesn't hurt that clouds are white against the blue sky!

The night sky ~ I love all the stars and constellations. I like to know what phase the moon is in and what planets are showing.

Rainbow spectrum ~ I love the spectrum of the rainbow. I love putting crayons in rainbow order, or my clothes in my closet.

Blue and white china ~ It just makes my heart happy!

Cross-country skiing ~ It's so peaceful and beautiful in the winter, I love the solitude of skiing on a winter day.

from the cabin

The seasons ~ I'm happy that I live in a place where there are four seasons, I love the change and I love each season.

from Lone Pine

Camp MIA Shalom ~ I love our YW camp. It is a sacred place to me and where I have felt the Spirit and had my testimony grow.

My garden ~ I love working in my yard. I love making it beautiful with flowers and trees and shrubs. These are my favorite colors red, yellow and blue and a gothic arch, too!

Music, especially The Messiah ~ I love most music, but I really love The Messiah by George Frideric Handel. I know it's an inspired piece of music. I love to listen to the radio and hear love songs that remind me of my own dear love, Rich! I wake up to instrumental hymn music. I love to play the piano, especially, Clementi sonatas, and the John Thompson 3rd grade book.

Art museums ~ I like to go to art museums. I found my favorite painting in the London National Gallery, it's called "Two Trinities." I like to go to the BYU art museum.

Hiking, bike riding ~ I just really like to be outdoors, and if I'm getting exercise, too, that's a bonus.

Gothic arches ~ I just love the shape of a gothic arch. I love that it points to heaven and God. My favorite gothic arch is the windows of the Kirtland Temple.

Forget-me-nots ~ AnnaRae taught me on a hike at Shalom that they remind us of the Savior, forget-me-not is another way of saying Always Remember Him. Of course, they are my favorite shade of periwinkle!

Red, yellow and blue ~ These are the Primary colors and I love them.

This pattern from Vera Bradley ~ it's called Hope Garden. It just makes me happy and I have file folders, journals, mouse pad, cosmetic bags, eyeglass cases, camera case in it.

This view of the earth ~ it seems familiar, like maybe we saw it this way before we came here.

The ocean and beaches ~ I love bare feet in the sand and the salty water to swim in. And I feel the awesomeness of God's creation.

Mount Timpanogos ~ I have had a love affair with this mountain since I first came to Utah in 1975 to go to BYU. I'm proud to say I've been to the top twice!

Temples ~ I have always loved the temple. My favorites are Provo, since I was married there (and check out those gothic arches!) and Mount Timpanogos, since it's named after my mountain and I get to serve there now.

This guy ~ The love of my life and my eternal companion!

Faith, Hope and Charity ~ These have been my quest and my goal, to be filled with these three princples. The colors correspond to my favorite colors!

Blue Hydrangeas ~ They are just so beautiful! And periwinkle!

These seven little people ~ my grandchildren!

Last, but not least here are 12 of my favorite people ~

my kids

my parents

my BFF, Heather

I'd like to include this post and this post in my list of favorite things.

It's all good!