Monday, March 30, 2009

Three Spring Cleaning Projects

Last week I accomplished three projects that have been on my list:

1. Cleaned out my closet and moved the capris in place of the sweaters. Of course, it was snowing while I was doing this!

2. Cleaned my kitchen cupboards inside and out, including laying down new shelf paper.

3. Painted my window sills and touched up the woodwork.

1/2. I cleaned the inside of the windows, but I needed a new squeegee to to the outside, which I did purchase, but it's been too cold to clean the outside.

Wow, that felt good!

Temple Cleaning

This snowy morning I got to spend four hours cleaning the Mount Timpanogos Temple. It was hard work, but kind of fun considering that I was assigned to the baptistry.

I got to don baptismal clothing and get in the font full of water to clean it. And I got to go underneath with the oxen to mop the floor. Not quite as fun was cleaning the showers and tile grout.

I figure this counts as going to the temple and aerobic exercise - I can check two things off my list!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Favorite Things

My Dear Husband just posted on his blog a list of some of his favorite things and posed the question: What are some of your favorite things?

We're not too much alike but there are three things on his list that I would put on mine:

Reading the scriptures
Serving in the Church
My Lexus SUV

And here's the list of some of my favorite things: (besides family and the gospel)

The color blue - anything blue and especially in a pattern with white

The sky and all its colors and lights

Being tucked into my dear husband's right side with his arm around me, on a sofa or in bed

Mexican food

Pasta, especially with tomato sauce

Hugs - really good ones with people you love

Flowers, especially blue ones - forget-me-not, hydrangeas, lobelia, pansies

Fabric of different patterns and textures




Being organized and putting things on and then crossing things off my to do list

Writing, I just like the act of writing on paper with a fine pen; I like my handwriting and I'm always trying to improve it.

Blogging – posting on my own because it feels good to make a record of our life and reading others because I am always inspired by them.

What are your favorite things?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Painting Finished!

Well, at least downstairs. I'm planning to touch-up paint my woodwork and windowsills upstairs - but that is for another day. Today I am celebrating two finished rooms downstairs!

This is Todd's new room. It was painted yellow (a mistake on my part) and had a black sheet hanging over the curtains for my boys who have worked nights. But now it has a fresh coat of tan paint and brown suede light-blocking curtains and brown/tan bedding.

Now on to my masterpiece.

I say that because this room makes me SO happy. It is Jenny's old room; I painted the pink walls blue and touched up the white. It's called the "Nanna-Gram" room because it is the home for treasures from both our mothers.

Warning: There are a lot of pictures and explanations because I want this to be a record of these family treasures.

The beautiful oak bedroom set belonged to my Mom and Dad and they gave it to us when they got their king-sized bed. I remember helping them pick it out when they first moved to Utah 20 years ago.

The antique sewing machine came from one of Gloria's aunts and Rusty refinished it beautifully.

The teacups on the shelf over the bed are handpainted, each one different. They were in Nanna's china closet. The quilt pieces were embroidered by Nanna's Mom, Luella Sherwood Gear and then Nanna had them made into a quilt. The yellow/blue floral pillow is my own treasure. I bought it at a Laura Ashley store in London on my first trip there.

I just love floor-length priscilla curtains! The quilts on the quilt stand came from Nanna's house, but I'm not sure who made them. They are beautifully pieced. The teddy bears are gifts to me from good friends of mine, the left one from Pat Camberlango and the right one from Heather Clark and Marci Dickerson. The hanger on the picket fence shelf will have the blue and white floral dress hanging on it that I bought my granddaughters. There's a picture of Abby in it on the shelf and I need to get a picture framed of Sophie in it.

I love this wall! The left is a cross-stitch I did of the "I'm rocking my baby" poem. On the right are two pictures from Nanna's house. The top one is a beautiful landscape and it says Mount Timpanogos and American Fork Bank on it. The bottom one is a precious picture of a new mother and father.

I now have two guest rooms all ready for the Buchanans visit in just two weeks!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

He Loves Me

Flowers from My Dear Husband, for no reason at all, except
He Loves Me!

Oh, and he loves him, too:

Michael, that is. Michael said he would like to eat a Salted Nut Roll every morning for breakfast, so his Dad indulged him.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Late Birthday Gift

Michael finally got his birthday present completed:

A lift on his sweet truck!

Oh BitterSweet Spring!

The Bitter:

The current state of my ski trails: mushy and the dirt is coming through:(

And yet the sky is still this amazing color:

Today I noticed these two cool trees, an evergreen and a decidious, growing together:

There's a lesson on unity and diversity from nature for you!


The Sweet:

My pansies and tulips are coming up!

A Fond Farewell

Tiger has been a part of our family for about 15 years. She was a stray as a kitten and we took her in. She's been an amazing cat in many ways. We've all been entertained by her jumping on to the entertainment center. She has stayed healthy and strong and active even as she's aged. She's never been too cuddly, but she's got spunk and we've liked having her around.

But . . . All three of our sons-in-law are allergic to cats to some degree or another. They don't complain about Tiger, because really, they love her, too. But it makes me sad that they are sometimes uncomfortable in our home because of her presence.

I promised myself that next time Alan (he has the worst allergy to Tiger) came for a visit we would be cat-free. So, since the Buchanans are coming next month (Hip Hip Hooray) I wanted to find a new place for Tiger. Thankfully, Anna came up with the solution. She took Tiger this morning to New Haven - a school in Spanish Fork for troubled teens where they have lots of cats, a barn and girls who love to adopt and care for them. Tiger has always loved the outdoors and I hope she can live out her years in a place where she will be loved and can enjoy the open spaces.

This is my makeshift cat carrier for Anna to take Tiger to her new home.

Note: I have to admit that I won't miss being awakened by Tiger at 4 am to be let out or the meowing involved in getting someone to turn on the bathroom faucet so she can drink fresh, running water, or being bitten when I try to pet her.

Speaking of Sunday Dinners

I was recounting to my dear friend Shari this morning my amazement at the sheer number of woman-hours required to provide a nice Sunday dinner for my family:

Several hours cleaning the house on Friday (which I really would have had to do anyway)

Several hours on Saturday shopping for food and preparing the house with tables and chairs, etc.

Several hours on Sunday actually preparing food

Several hours Monday morning cleaning up and putting everything back in its place.

Now I really was not complaining, just commenting!

Shari asked me: "Is there anything you'd rather be doing?"

What a great question!

Because the answer is this: A Resounding NO!

There is nothing I would rather be doing than bringing my family together for a delicious meal.

I'm thankful that have so much family close by and we can get together often

I'm thankful that because of My Dear Husband's efforts we have a lovely home to host the dinner in and the funds to provide the food

I'm thankful for the health and ability to prepare a meal and enjoy it with the ones I love most.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Dinner for Trevor's Birthday & the Buzz Boys

We had a wonderful Sunday dinner for Trevor's birthday. I loved having all the family over to celebrate and enjoy the day.

Sophie likes to be involved in all birthday candle blowing (check out Michael's and Jenny's birthdays) and removing of blown out candles. She's a doll!

All these fine sons of mine got a little spring fever and got their summer buzzes on:

And with a little flexing . . .

Additionally, by the end of the evening, both Todd and Michael were sporting the same color (or lack thereof) as Logan.
Crazy guys!

I won!

I entered a giveaway over at Blossom Sweet and look what I won:

Thanks, Melissa, it's beautiful!

Fun with Chair Ties

Last week I discovered these fun chair ties at Four Chairs (the furniture store) I just thought they were so pretty and found so many fun uses:

For example: this one matches Jenny & Trevor's room so I gave it to them for a dresser scarf/runner

I put this one on the piano and tried the "bunching" method instead of laying it flat. (I haven't mastered the bunching method which my friend Shari is amazing at.)

And finally I even used one for a scarf on me today!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So, Painting Thoughts & Parents

This is Jenny's old room, I've almost covered the pink with primer!

So, the last couple of days I've been painting two bedrooms downstairs. I'm not done yet, but I'll post pictures when I am.

So, here's the thing about painting: it's hard physical work but it's a nice solitary activity that gives you time to think and listen to the great music on your ipod.

So, here's some of my painting thoughts:

It was 20 years ago this month that we moved into this lovely home on Heather Drive. As we were writing up the offer, the previous owners were painting the room we planned to use as My Dear Husband's office PINK. There was lots of wallpaper, too, which needed to be removed. My parents came to visit us soon after we moved in and they worked SO hard in our new home painting and removing wallpaper, awful jobs which they did for us just out of kindness and because that's the great people they are.

So I was realizing that they were the age I am now when they did this, which makes me even more in awe of them and the great service they rendered. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

I was also thinking about how painting and gardening are solitary activities for me because no one in my family bothers me or comes anywhere close while I'm doing them. They're not taking any chances of be involved. This can be a good thing. I should remember this whenever I need some alone time.

And music. I've been listening to my "Pop" playlist on my iphone which is mostly songs from when I was in high school: The Carpenters, Chicago, Three Dog Night. And some newer stuff like: Celine Dion, Colby Caillat,Yael Naim. And most of the songs are "love songs," which gets me thinking about My Love, Richard aka My Dear Husband.

So, all in all painting is not so bad:
and romance

People Are More Important Than Things (Pillows)

Laura told us Sunday about how she used an experience from her childhood to teach her Primary about how fathers preside over their families.

In 1987 when we lived in a rented apartment in Seoul, Laura and Mary shared a room and a full-sized bed that was provided by the owner of the apartment. They occasionally jumped on the bed even though they knew they weren't supposed to. One evening a friend who was older than them was visiting and she joined them jumping on the bed and it broke! They were scared, but knew they had to confess and so they told Rich that the bed was broken. He reminded them that they weren't supposed to be jumping on the bed, especially since we didn't even own it, but he concluded by showing forth an increase of love and telling them that "people are more important than things."

This theme carried through during the kids' driving years; whenever they scratched or dented a car, he would always ask if they were okay and remind them that "people are more important than things."

Last night after dinner, Michael, Rich and I were relaxing and visiting on the new Ikea corner sofa and Michael was a little frustrated by all the pillows on the sofa and said, "Why do we have to have so many pillows on this couch?" Rich replied, "Because Mom likes them and we like her."

My heart was touched by Rich's comment. I know he doesn't like all the pillows on our bed either. But he never complains because he knows they make me happy.

Thanks to My Dear Husband for teaching our children and reminding me that "People are more important than things."

How blessed I am to be married eternally to such a wonderful man who presides in love over our home.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ministered To

Our Relief Society Presidency was invited to meet with the Stake Relief Society in preparation for our upcoming Ward Conference.

We arrived at the beautiful home of the Stake RS President and were greeted with love and hugs. We enjoyed the amazing beauty of her home including religious art and a fire in the fireplace.

We were served a lovely brunch: fresh fruit, sausage, blueberry french toast with buttermilk syrup. It was delightful to sit at an beautifully set table, supping on yummy food, and visiting with each other.

We moved to the exquisite living room where we were spiritually fed and encouraged in our callings.

And we even got to take home a small loaf of delicious bread prepared by the counselor who couldn't attend the meeting.

I truly felt ministered to by my sisters.

This Week's Theme

The theme of this week has been Relief Society:

Monday: Cleaned the Stake Center Kitchen
Tuesday: Temple and RS Presidency Meeting
Wednesday: Visiting a sister for her birthday
Thursday: Met with Stake RS Presidency in preparation for our upcoming Ward Conference (which has its own post)
Friday: Visiting Teaching

It was a wonderful week and I'm grateful to spend so much time with my dear sisters in the Relief Society.

Three other fun things:
Cleaning and restoring the Teddy Bear guestroom
Go to the ballet at BYU with Jenny. The ballet wasn't that impressive but it's always a joy to be with Jenny!
Running errands with my Mom, one of which was taking advantage of Michael's 50% off custom framing sale for her birthday gift:

Brian Kershisnik's Nativity

Next week's theme:

Painting two bedrooms downstairs