Thursday, June 30, 2011

YCL Retreat at the Cabin

We had such a fun time at our Youth Camp Leader Retreat at the cabin. We had yummy food (Thanks, Shari!) and worked on camp stuff and talked and giggled and did face masks and did the Color Code personality test and generally just had a great time together getting ready for YW camp.

Mud masks #1

Mud masks #2

Yummy dinner

You can see the piano in its new home

Shari's cute table decorations

Can you tell what our camp color was this year?

Moving the Piano to the Cabin

When we bought into our cabin we decided that we would move Rich's Mom's upright piano from the basement to the cabin. There's a perfect spot for it next to the fireplace and under a picture of the Sacred Grove. Since we bought into the cabin in November and then winter came we had to wait until summer time to move it. I did some research on piano movers and the one I chose came recommended by Summerhayes music store. Well, they weren't that great and made lots of mistakes, but in the end the piano made it into the cabin and I'm very grateful. It was quite the nightmare making it happen though. Here are some pictures of the process:

I need to get a picture of the piano IN the cabin, it really looks great there.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Missionary Michael

Michael with his trainer, Elder Lee

Did you know we have a missionary in our family? Rich and I couldn't be more thrilled with the way Michael is serving his mission. We often just look at each other and smile and cry because we are so happy to have a missionary from our family. And Michael is doing so well and we are so proud of him. You can check out his blog: Saving Seoul(s) to get his email reports and pictures. Laura is doing an awesome job of keeping his blog updated. We love our missionary!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grandbaby Girls

Hannah in the elephant onesie I sent her

Me and Myla after I got my hair done. She likes me now!
(sorry no makeup on Nana)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grand America Hotel

We got to stay at the Grand America hotel for Pearl Retreat. This hotel is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the "old world" touches and the amazing decor. Plus our room was decorated in my three favorite colors: Red, Yellow and Blue. Granted, it is not my favorite blue, but blue nonetheless.

the door between the bedroom and sitting room

I love that this pattern is repeated on the doorknob and the mirror

I love the gold fixtures in the bathroom

the bedskirt fabric is the same as the sofa in the sitting room

I love the striped yellow-on-yellow wall paper and it looks great with the patterned carpet. I love patterns than blend together, a stripe and a floral is always good.

the tassel fringe on the curtains is a great touch

the trim on the pillows matches the fringe on the curtains

the milk glass lamps are beautiful on the marble-topped nightstands

Sophie and Ayden

We took care of these two while their parents were on a cruise. I took this picture of them asleep and holding hands.

When I showed them this picture in the morning they decided to re-enact it with this photo:

Silly kids!

I took this picture of the kids in the hot tub at the cabin