Friday, June 20, 2008

YCL Retreat

Yesterday from 3:30 pm to 12:30 am we had our YCL (Youth Camp Leader) Retreat to prepare for YW Camp. It was SO fun! We went to the Nickle's cabin east of Heber, ate pizza and other yummy junk food, rode four-wheelers, and cut, taped, glued, sewed and laminated in preparation for camp. We also had fun making up silly and wonderful cheers for our ward.

My favorite flower: forget-me-nots. The ones in my yard have already bloomed and gone to seed, but up at higher elevation, they're still blooming. I took this picture with my phone, so it could be my background. One of the reasons I love forget-me-nots is because I was taught that they remind us of the Savior: forget-me-not = Always Remember Him

Beautiful sunset from the cabin balcony

One of our activities was taking the Color Code personality test. The girls asked to do it and it was so fun to get to know each other and now I can understand my Laurels better!

I really like learning about people's "color personality," it helps me to "get" them and have more realistic expectations. I was reminded last night about the description of my personality from the book:

"The most difficult color combination within one individual is the mixture of Red and Blue. If you are strong in both categories, you will often find yourself stepping on someone's toes to get a task completed (Red), but feeling guilty afterward for making that person unhappy (Blue). "

as I like to put it:
"I like to kick butt, but feel guilty taking names."

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Okay, this may be a weird post, but I had a really productive week, so here's what I did:

Cleaned out all the beds in the yard
Planted a vegetable garden
Put miracle gro on all the plants in the yard
Swept the patio and cleaned the grill in preparation for Fathers Day BBQ
Cleaned 3 bathrooms (the downstairs one had become the "Texaco bathroom" and required lots of clorox)
Dusted all furniture
Vacuumed entire house (Jenny did the stairs, Thanks!)
Mopped wood floor
Cleaned out fridge and pantry
Laundry (several times)
Ironing (twice, including Rich's temple clothes - I'm not fond of pleats!)
Finances (twice - entering receipts into Quicken and balancing with online checking and paying bills)
Swept out garage
Bathed the dog
Changed the furnace filter
Cleaned the storage room
Cleaned shed (Brian and Michael helped, thanks guys!)
Inventoried our food storage
Father's Day shopping
Food shopping (three times, including Costco, which I hate)
Attended the Salt Lake Temple (It was great to be with my nephew, Brent his first time!)
Got my nails done
Got my hair done
Mailed a package to Laura in NY
Turned my mattress and washed ALL the bedding (Again, thanks to Brian & Michael for the use of their guns)
I served at the Linden Cannery for 2 1/2 hours (note: don't sign up for the 5 pm shift - it's heavy duty cleaning!)
Went to Mutual with the Laurels, visiting a nursing home
Went to RS Birthday dinner and provided Korean centerpiece and food (I have to be honest, I ordered the food from Sam Hawk Korean restaurant and Rich picked it up for me, but that didn't stop me from complaining about it, so all blessings are negated!)
I went out to lunch with my Mom, Jenny and Jill
I created a Master list for Jenny and Trevor's Wedding Plans
Prepared Laurel lesson for Sunday, including "necktie" notes and treats for them to give their fathers
Caught up on Relief Society lesson reading
Walked 2-3 miles each morning with my friends and my dog
Took an Advil PM every night so I could be rested and ready to work!

*To all you mothers of young children out there: I did NOT take care of any children or feed people during this productive week.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sophie Lynn

Sophie Lynn on her 2nd birthday rocking her new baby in her new pink rocking chair. What a sweetie! Gotta love those dimples!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I Garden, I'm a Gardner

So, today this 50-year-old woman spent SEVEN hours working outside in the yard. I cleaned out the front beds, planted some flowers, (which you can't really see because they need to grow) and decorated for the
Fourth of July. By the way, there's an open invitation for whiling away some time on my porch swing!

I'm especially pleased with the clematis climbing up the mailbox; I've been coaxing it for four years!

The BIG news is that we have a VEGETABLE GARDEN. It's been years since I planted vegetables. This year we took out the sandbox that Papa built when Michael was little and I was left with a patch of sand, so I decided to make it a garden. I put in the little fence and planted tomatoes, anaheim peppers, (which Rich puts in his ramen noodles for breakfast each morning) cucumbers and zuchini and a daisy in the middle for fun.

This little bed outside the back door did really well last year with impatients so I planted them again this year.

I do like being outside and "playing in the dirt" and making my little piece of earth look beautiful and I hope I can move tomorrow!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rainbow in June

So far it has been a cold and cloudy June, but I saw the most amazing rainbow on Monday night. This picture does not even come close to how vibrant and beautiful it really was. Somehow it makes all those clouds worth it!

Manti Temple

 I've never done a session in the Manti Temple and I've wanted to for a long time, so today was the day. I love adding a new temple to my list of the ones I've been inside. I have to say that I think it is one of the most beautiful! It was dedicated in 1888 and remodeled/rededicated in 1988. I love the old furniture and woodwork, so painstakingly handcrafted by loving saints long ago.
Judy Claybaugh was kind enough to go with me. We had a few others lined up to go, but they fell through and we decided we were going anyway! We even got a little tour inside the temple after our session, and of course, we had to eat lunch in the cafeteria!

This was the sight we ran into on the way home on the road between Fairview and Thistle. Herding sheep across the road with a four-wheeler. Please note that the sheep dog is riding the four-wheeler as well!

Cars/Ebony & Ivory

So, here's my old car: the Lexus LX470 (affectionately known as "Lexie") that I just had to have to replace the Land Cruiser (affectionately known as "Elsie") that I loved and had to sell when we got our mission call. I realized soon after the purchase that I really didn't need a car this big and expensive and wanted to downsize. Rich gets a new company car every three years and this is the year, so we traded in Lexie on a new, black RX350 with a way cool navigation/bluetooth system for his new company car and then we bought his old company car, a white RX330 for me. And now our garage looks like this:

Ebony and Ivory, living in perfect harmony!
(by the way, her name is "Roxie" and his name is "Rich's car")

And while I'm blogging about cars, I neglected to mention back in February that Michael turned 16 and is now driving this very cool white Tacoma truck. P.S. check out those guns!

And Jenny didn't want to be left out so here she is with her cute Corolla: