Thursday, November 24, 2011

35th Anniversary in San Diego

Before I got sick, we decided to spend our 35th anniversary at the Hotel del Coronado. It's our favorite hotel! Right on the best beach in the world. The book "Bid Time Return" was set there, which was made into the movie "Somewhere in Time." Unfortunately, they filmed the movie in Chicago instead of at the Hotel del Coronado, and it was the worse for it, in my opinion.

We love San Diego! We had a great time going to Seaport Village, Fresh Produce store in La Jolla, Horton Plaza (where we saw Breaking Dawn, Part one). Rich spoiled me with gifts of new clothing (my favorite) and we had some delicious meals - with Rich waiting patiently for me to finish each meal - I'm so slow at eating now! We enjoyed having a perfect view of the ocean from our hotel room.

the poinsettia tree at Seaport Village
I love the clouds in San Diego

the view from our bed!
Hotel del Coronado
We had visitors on our balcony, there's two birds there!
the tree in the lobby
the beautiful Christmas decorations
Christmas lights on Hotel del Coronado

this is the new dolphin arena at Seaworld
so many beautiful sunsets, from our room!

seagull on our balcony
our bathroom
our perfect hotel room

clouds from our balcony
our picture at Seaworld
balcony view
I love the restroom doors at the San Diego Airport

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn with My Girls

Even though Laura wasn't actually here, she did see Breaking Dawn the same night we did! And she will definitely be here for Breaking Dawn, part 2!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lunch with Jenny, Hillary, and Sarah

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deer at the Cabin

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Yesterday was the ultimate pepero day! I thought of Laura all day because her favorite number is 11! Pepero is the Korean treat of pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate. On November 11th they give them to each other in Korea, and we have kept up that tradition. I always send them to my kids and grandkids and parents.

Yesterday we also had an old-fashioned "homemaking meeting." I loved creating these cards and Christmas star from paper. It's so good to visit with the sisters and have a supper and create!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Sabbath!

Elder Bennion and his cousins serenading me

Today was indeed a happy Sabbath for me! Here's why:

#1. I was fasting today for many things:
~a cure for ALS
~a job for Brian
~a move to Utah for Laura and Alan

#2. I got to go to Church; I love Church! I love it when I have to pull out my journal because someone in Testimony Meeting or Sunday School says something profound that I need to write down! It happened twice today.

#3. The Hammers came down to visit for Sunday dinner and Ayden and Sophie shared their parts on the Primary program for next week. Sophie's made me cry: "Jesus Christ created the earth for me. One thing that Jesus created that is important to me is my Nana."

#4. When we got home from Church, Nate Bennion, one of our great missionaries, stopped by bringing his cousins with him to serenade us for 45 minutes. They sang two beautiful songs they brought and then sang my favorite hymns. It was so amazing, they all have such great voices!

#5. Another of our great missionaries, Chad Crosby, came over and brought a gift of essential oils for me. He read the scripture in Alma 46:40-41 about the herbs that were used to heal the people. It was such a generous gift!

#6. My sweet visiting teacher, Melanie Nickle, brought me a supersoft blanket to take to the cabin this week. She's always taking good care of me!

#7. Laura and Alan and the kiddies in New York "facetimed" us to tell us that they are moving to Utah in December! It will be so wonderful to have them here! What a delightful surprise! I call that getting an answer to fasting and prayer.

It has indeed been a Happy Sabbath! There have been lots of tears of joy and happiness. I feel so overwhelmed with the sweet love of family and friends and missionaries to me. I am so blessed!

It's all good!