Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Sister and Cute N&N

It was great to have my sister, Laura, and her cute kiddies here for a week. It was so fun to get reacquainted with my neices and nephews. (aka N&N) Cameron, Caitlin, Chase and Chloe are really delightful kids; kind, polite, helpful and really just a joy to be around. I'm so glad that they came to visit and we got to spend lots of time together and make some family memories.

One Smart Boy

Connor shares my love of the solar system. He drew this picture of the planets in order from memory:

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, (blue & green) Mars, (the red planet)
the Asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (we're still considering it a planet at our house)

Friday, August 1, 2008


My five gkiddies in the tub at Nanajan's - enough said!


PFFW (Parsons Family Fun Week) was a tradition started years ago when my nephew and niece, Jake and Dani, would come for a week each summer to stay with my parents, aka G&G and get to know their cousins. We haven't done it for years, since Jake and Dani are now married. But my sister and her four kiddies are visiting from Houston, TX this week so we have reinstated PFFW - thanks to the generosity of G&G!

So far we have had fun swimming at Riverside:

Chicken wars with Michael and Chase/Cameron and Connor

Uncle Brian and Connor showing off their sidestroke.

Thursday we all hiked to the Timpanogos Cave:

All thirteen of us ready to hit the trail

Andrew carried by Todd

Abby carried by Michael

Chloe carried by me.
(just part of the way up, Michelle carried her all the way down and Cameron helped, too)

Hindmarsh Clan at the top

On the way down

 Connor's ribbon

After G&G treated us to lunch at the Purple Turtle!

And today we're off to Seven Peaks so the fun can continue!

Fourth of July

Last year when we were watching the Freedom Festival parade in Provo and I saw the runner/walkers on the parade route, I thought: "I can do that, I'm definitely going to do the 5K next year." And I DID!

My friends, Clyda and Judy joined me and we had fun walk/running along the parade route. Next year maybe I can even beat my "lightening fast" time of 47 minutes!

Another fun part of our Fourth was having Trevor's Mom, Jeanette and his sister, Kelsie and her friend, Melissa with us for a couple of days. Kelsie and Melissa performed in the Stadium of Fire and had several rehearsals the days before. Trevor flew in for the Fourth of July and we all went to Stadium of Fire. On the fifth, Jenny and Trevor had their engagement photos taken. (check out their blog for the link, you can also see Jenny's amazing bridal photos!)

Young Women Camp

Our 9th Ward " SONfollowers"

July 15 - 19 was our ward's Young Women Camp. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Young Women Camp? Well, I do. I love everything about it, I love planning and preparing, including cutting, laminating and making cutesy things to give the girls. I love being in nature and being with my young women with no distractions (ipods, cell phones, tv, etc) This year was really great; fun and spiritual and everyone got along and had a good time together. And, of course, it is always SO beautiful at Camp Shalom: see above photo of the view from our camp.

Every year our "Fairy Godmother" (aka Karen Bodily) visits us and brings joy and a story to share. This year she brought us balloons to blow up and create pretty hats.

These are the 9th Warders who hiked to Lone Pine.
Julie Shipp, Bobbie Whiteside, Heather Shipp, Kylee Thurman and ME! This is my 10th time hiking to Lone Pine at Camp Shalom. It's kind of a YW Camp ritual for me to go there every year. BTW, it's not really a pine, it's a fir!

The view of Camp Shalom from Lone Pine, including the snowfield in the foreground.

Abbey Rutter and me in our canoe - this is as we were starting out, by the time we finished lake time we were completely drenched thanks to the antics of two lovely Miamaids: Madsion & Ina. There's nothing quite as invigorating as a water fight on the lake!

Madison and Ina

This is the "post-camp" garage mess I got to put away!