Saturday, July 7, 2012


As I picked up the copy of LDS Living, I noted that NieNie was on the front holding her newest baby, Charlotte. I subscribe to NieNie's blog and I've read her book, Heaven is Here.  I was interested to see what she said.  The contrasts in our lives: I have raised all my children, she has yet to raise hers; I have little to no pain, she lives with pain every day of her life; I have a terminal disease, she is at the prime of  her life. And yet we have much in common in dealing with the challenges we both face.

She wrote:
 "There is a divine purpose in all that we do. We can be grateful for what we have and make it into something better. We can gain strength from our experiences rather than dwell on how horrible they were. There is a loving Heavenly Father who wants us to grow from trials and it's up to us to do that. We have all been given the tools and more to get through anything that comes our way."

And this:
"I am so much more than a human going through some problems. I am a daughter of God getting through with God's love and help."

I needed this perspective coming off the cold I just had. She's so inspiring!


rrife said...

I think you're inspiring!

Gram said...

I agree with your dear husband. You are inspiring and you have helped many people through your struggle. Many admire you and are so willing to assist you if you would just let them.

I loved Nie Nie's book. I used about a box of tissues just trying to get through it. Thanks for sharing it.